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COVID-19 Cases in Washington rise to 10,224 with 491 Deaths

- Washington State

The number of COVID-19 cases in Washington state have raised to 10,224 with 491 deaths. At least 87,930 people in Washington have been tested for coronavirus as of April 3, and 8.6% of the cases tested positive.

Major tourist cities in Washington state are urging people to stay home and not visit during the Easter weekend due to coronavirus concerns.

The Grant County Health Department has reported a total number of 110 COVID-19 cases with 2 deaths. There are currently 7 individuals who have been hospitalized. 28 individuals have recovered so far from the virus. Moses Lake is now the third highest in the county with reported cases at 19. Quincy has 44, Mattawa has 21 and Ephrata and Soap Lake reporting 16 cases.

Health officials stated that when it appears safe, they'll be looking at the following indicators to gauge the timing and approach for relaxing social distancing measures:

  • A steady decrease in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations for at least two weeks;

  • Healthcare system readiness, including sufficient staffing, supplies, and bed space, to be able to accommodate the increase in cases we expect to see when we loosen social distancing measures;

  • The widespread availability of rapid testing and reporting of results, beyond what is currently available, so people who are infected can take quick action to slow the spread of COVID-19;

  • Capacity to conduct widespread case and contact investigations to quickly identify people who are infected and their close contacts and help them isolate and quarantine;

  • Availability of proven COVID-19 treatments, which are currently under evaluation.

Admas County has a total number of 30 Covid-19 cases, Kittitas has 13, Yakima has 447, Franklin has 86.

Oregon now has 1,321 cases with 44 deaths.

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