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Grant County Commissioners vote not to ban fireworks for 4th of July weekend

– Ephrata, WA

After a meeting this afternoon which included over 50 comments from local officials and the public – comments both supporting and opposing a ban - the Grant County Board of County Commissioners did not ban the sales or discharge of fireworks for unincorporated Grant County (outside city limits).

A motion by Commissioner Danny Stone (R) to ban the sale of fireworks did not receive a second motion from either Commissioner Cindy Carter (R) or Commissioner Rob Jones (R), and therefore did not move on for a vote.

The Board of County Commissioners continues to urge the public to use fireworks safely during the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

The weather has not changed. It is hot and dry. Make smart and safe choices. If you need a second opinion as to your situation being safe, you should probably put your fireworks away and save them for New Years. We are asking the people of Grant County to make smart choices for themselves and their neighbors.

The Board did express interest for working in the future with local officials to create new plans regarding safe fireworks discharge while reducing community risk, which would help meet the needs of all citizens.

Current unincorporated areas where fireworks are banned include: Desert Aire, Sunland Estates, Gorge Amphitheater and campground, Crescent Bar, Marine View Heights.

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