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Local Businesses collecting signatures to appeal Washington State's passed Initiative-1639.

- Columbia Basin

Many residents in Central Washington are gathering signatures to petition a repeal on Washington State's passed initiative-1639. The initiative was passed by a majority vote in both Western and Eastern Washington in aiming to reduce the risk of gun violence across the state and putting a stricter background check on those wanting to buy a firearm and requires strict gun storage requirements.

The new initiative will be known as I-1094 and if it makes it to the ballots it could repeal the voter passed 1639 initiative. In Moses Lake, Tri-State Outfitters has been asking customers to sign the petition along with Hooked On Toys Sporting Goods in Wenatchee, Quincy Custom Arms in Quincy, and Farmers Electric in Othello.

The Initiative was passed by 14 counties in Washington with 12 coming from Western washington and 2 from Eastern with those two being Spokane and Whitman.

After the voters passed the initiative many city police chief officers and county sheriffs have took it upon themselves to "block" and not enforce I-1639 because it violates the U.S. constitution. If the petition has enough signatures you can find it on the 2020 ballot.

This is a developing story and will be updated when more information becomes available.

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