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Moses Lake Hiker not found at Mt. Baker Natl.Park and is presumed dead

— Marblemount , WA

Search and Rescue workers were able to reach Hidden Lake Lookout on Tuesday looking for a missing hiker from Moses Lake.

They hoped she had taken shelter in a cabin at the top but she was not there.

The hiker, 28-year-old Rachel Lakoduk, failed to return from a planned overnight hike last Thursday to the lookout, which is in Skagit County. Other hikers reported seeing Lakoduk on the trail, which rescuers said is now covered in 2 to 6 feet of snow.

Her family hoped she had taken shelter in a the cabin when it started snowing in the mountains and is desperate to find her.

“This is life or death,” said Haley Anderson, Lakoduk’s sister, in a text message.

“We just want to make sure we bring her back home alive and that she stays safe up there,” said Anderson. “And again, we don’t know for sure that she’s there, but we hope she is.”

By Patrick Quinn

photos by Lakoduke’s Family

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