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Newhouse says Trump's Impeachment will likely pass the house

-- Yakima Valley, WA

Republican Congressman Dan Newhouse believes that President Donald Trump will likely get impeached if put up to a vote.

On a farm on Thursday, Washington's fourth district representative said House Democrats have the votes to impeach President Trump, but he doesn't think the President would be removed from office. Newhouse is not supporting impeachment and he went on to accuse the Democrats of political posturing.

"I haven't seen anything that indicates that impeachment is the right step," Newhouse said. "It has a lot of political overtones to it in my estimation, so whether there's any there, there, that remains to be seen."

He also said that Democrats have wanted President Trump impeached since the day the President took office and have postured on more than one occasion.

"We had 22 months of the Mueller investigation looking for a Russia connection and they couldn't find any," Newhouse said. "In a short time period we have a phone call to the Ukrainian president coming to light and before the transcripts or the Whistleblower's report were available to the public, the Democrats went ahead with the impeachment process."

According to Newhouse, if the Democrats do impeach President Trump in the House, it's very unlikely Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader R-KY, would remove the President from office.

To remove a sitting President in the U.S. Senate, the plaintiffs need to convince two-thirds of the chamber to remove the President after the House impeaches and the Republicans hold 53 of the 100 Senate seats.

The latest Quinnipiac poll shows 45 percent of voters saying President Trump should be impeached and removed with 49 percent opposing the idea.

By, Dax McCoy

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