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Police End a Two-Month Search at a Colorado Landfill for Kelsey Berreth's Remains

Police have ended a two-month search at a Colorado landfill for the remains of Kelsey Berreth, who has not been seen since Thanksgiving and is believed to be dead. Authorities began searching the Midway Landfill in Fountain Colorado (32 Miles SE of Woodland Park), on Feb. 26 for evidence or remains of the missing mother. The search was called off Wednesday.

"Her remains have not been found, nor has any evidence relating to her death," the Woodland Park Police Department said in a statement.

Berreth, Berreth, a longtime Warden resident who attended flight school at Big Bend Community College in Moses Lake was last seen on a neighbor's surveillance camera with her year-old daughter Kaylee, and her fiancé, Patrick Frazee outside of her home on Nov. 22, police stated. Earlier that day, she was seen shopping with her daughter at a Safeway in Woodland Park, Colorado. She wasn't reported missing until Dec. 2 by her mother.

Prosecutors believe Frazee, 32, beat Berreth to death with a base bat after failing to persuade the woman he was having an affair with to carry out the killing. Investigators say that after the murder, Frazee convinced his mistress, Krystal Jean Lee Kenney, to clean the crime scene before he burned Berreth's body. Kenney told police that Frazee planned to dump the remains in a landfill or a river.

Frazee, who is Kaylee's father, was areested and later charged in December with two counts of murder and three counts of solicitation to commit murder. In February, prosecutors announced additional charges including tampering with a deceased body.

Woodland Park Police will continue to investigate and are "committed to bringing justice to Kelsey's family," the department said.
Woodland Park Police Chief Miles De Young said Wednesday that not locating evidence or Berreth's remains at the landfill was not the "outcome that we hoped for."