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Two Samaritan Healthcare employees have tested positive for COVID-19

- Moses Lake, WA

Two Samaritan Healthcare employees have tested positive for COVID-19. Both of the employees are recovering at home and remain in isolation.

In early March, Samaritan Healthcare increased all personal protective equipment protocols, including having patient care members wear masks at all times and limiting visitors. Due to the enhanced patient safety precautions, Samaritan Healthcare and Grant County Health District officials believe there is minimal patient risk at this time.

“Our sincerest thoughts and prayers for strength and healing are with our employees at this time,” stated Samaritan CEO, Theresa Sullivan. “As our community’s hospital, we are on the frontlines of this invisible war against COVID-19. But rest assured, we have the prevention and control practices in place and all interactions with our patients are being monitored by Samaritan’s infection prevention team.”

On Thursday, March 19, Samaritan Healthcare began daily employee wellness checks at Samaritan clinics, and extended to twice daily wellness checks on all campuses as of Monday, March 23. The daily wellness checkpoints require all staff, physicians, vendors, and visitors to undergo a brief COVID-19 symptom screening and temperature check. If the individual does not pass the initial screenings, they are sent to the Respiratory Virus Evaluation Center (RVEC) for further evaluation.

“By implementing the wellness screening checkpoints, we’ve created a secondary level of protection for patients and staff for each of our clinics and the hospital,” said Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Andrea Carter. “At this point, we know COVID-19 is present in Grant County, as is evident by the new cases within our community, however, we as Samaritan, and we as the community at large, must do everything we can to help slow the spread.”

“All of us, together, have the ability to win this war against COVID-19, but we need your help. If you’re not required to work, stay home. Stop the spread. Save lives. We can’t be more sincere, or more honest to say this is what we all, both our Samaritan Healthcare employee family, and our Grant County resident family must do,” stated Carter.

Grant County Health District Administrator Theresa Adkinson, shares,

“The local data being shared is a reflection of our community several days ago. Please stay home and help us to slow the spread of this virus in our community.”

As of March 30th there are now 52 confirmed positive cases of the COVID-19 Coronavirus. below is a map from the Washington State Department of Health showing the total number of confirmed cases in Grant Country and in the state of Washington.

To slow the spread of COVID-19 in Grant County

Samaritan Healthcare recommends:


1. Stay home as much as possible—children, too.

2. Only have one person go out (if possible) and only for essential groceries and medical care.

3. When going out, stay at least six feet away from others.

4. When exercising outside, stay six feet apart.

5. Have video and phone chats to communicate.

6. Drop off groceries on the doorstep for neighbors who can’t go out.


1. Don’t gather in groups with friends or family.

2. Don’t get together in homes with friends or family members who don’t live with you

3. Don’t have play dates for kids.

4. Don’t make unnecessary trips.

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