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Violet Power of Oregon looking to build a solar factory in Moses Lake.

- Moses Lake, WA

An Oregon solar start up company is looking to build a solar factory in Moses Lake making it the nation's first integrated solar module and panel factory.

The Columbia Basin Herald out of Moses Lake reported that the company Violet based out of Oregon is looking to build a factory to free United States dependency from importing Chinese solar products. China accounts for nearly 90% of all global solar products. In early 2019 China placed steep tariffs on REC’s solar-grade silicon, effectively blocking the company from selling to Chinese solar module producers. The tariffs affected REC tremendously causing a 500 employee layoff and the start of a trickling number of debt, including a $9.2 USD million outstanding property tax bill with the county. The tariffs also added the shutdown of production in mid 2019.

The Herald also reported,

“This is really, really exciting,” said Francine Sullivan, vice president for business development at REC Silicon, which has been leading the talks with Violet Power. “There’s a huge solar market in the U.S., but no one’s making modules here.”