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Wednesday’s Winter storm canceling and delaying over 200 flights across all airports statewide

Alaska Airlines / Sea-Tac Airport PHOTO BY: Alaska Airlines

- Moses Lake, WA

Wednesday’s winter storm is causing travel delays even before the start of the morning commutes across Washington canceling over 200 flights across all airports within the state.

As of 1:00am flights departing from Sea-Tac Intl, Pain Field, Bellingham Intl, Wenatchee Pagborn, Tri-Cities Intl, Pullman Regional, and Spokane Intl, have massive cancelations and / or delays. Out of most of the cancelations Alaska and Delta Airlines flights are being impacted the hardest with all flights inbound for Seattle from eastern Washington cities being canceled and 175 flights departing Sea-Tac being cancelled so far. In total over 200 flights are so far canceled across the state. The only airports reporting on time departures are Yakima Regional and Walla Walla Regional.

While most of the impact from the storm will be felt in Western Washington airports, it’s important to stay up to date with Eastern Washington airports by visiting their local sites for up to date flight information.

With the holidays upon us many are expected to travel this week a little over 1 million people are supposed to fly in and out of Washington State airports this holiday season. To put that into perspective, Spokane International the state’s second biggest airport has an estimated 200,000+ passengers each month. Seattle Tacoma International is expecting 816,000 just this week alone. Travel experts are urging travelers to constantly check your airliner’s app and website each day leading up to your departure date as weather conditions can change rapidly. WSDOT says no matter where you live in Washington, to download the WSDOT app for up to date weather and road conditions incase closures are necessary.

Seattle Tacoma International website:

Spokane International website:

Bellingham International website:

Tri-Cities International website:

Pain Field website:

Wenatchee Pagborn website:

Yakima regional website:

Walla Walla regional website:

Pulllman - Moscow regional website:

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