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32 infant deaths tied to Rock 'n Play sleepers, now under recall by Fisher Price

All models of Rock 'n Play sleepers by Fisher-Price are being recalled after reports of infant fatalities occurring while using the product. More than 30 infant fatalities have been reported since the product was introduced in 2009, "after the infants rolled over while unrestrained, or under other circumstances," according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The recall came three days after the American Academy of Pediatrics wrote a news release calling on the commission to recall the products, pointing to their danger. Last week, the safety commission and Fisher-Price asked consumers to stop using the sleeper after an infant reaches three months of age, “or is capable of rolling over.” Between 2011 and 2018, 32 babies have died, including “babies even younger than the 3-month threshold cited in the initial warning, which is alarming,” the AAP noted in their release.

"This product is deadly and should be recalled immediately," said Kyle Yasuda, president of the American Academy of Pediatrics, in the news release. "When parents purchase a product for their baby or child, many assume that if it's being sold in a store, it must be safe to use. Tragically, that is not the case."

Consumers can find out if they are eligible for a refund or voucher at

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