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VIDEO: 8-year-old girl run over during the 25th annual Ag Parade in Downtown M.L.

-Downtown Moses Lake, WA

An 8-year-old girl was ran over on the Agriculture Parade Route Friday Night. According to MLPD the young girl was part of the Ag Parade and was part of the many that was throwing out candy to the crowd. Eyewitnesses said the girl was walking back to the float to get back on and reportedly tripped and fell underneath the vehicle and was then run over.

Grant County Fire District #5 was part of the parade and was able to rush to the scene and deliver first-aid to the little girl. The 8-year-old was then transferred to Samaritan Healthcare for her injuries by MLFD's Paramedics. The young girl's injuries are non life threatening and according to MLPD the driver of the float was unaware of the young child's presence under the float.

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