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As "No Mask, No Service" rule goes into effect, Quincy PD Chief asking that you mask up.

- Quincy, WA

The "No Mask, No Service" rule goes into effect today. The new law requires businesses to turn away customers who don't wear a mask and who don't have breathing problems. Those with breathing problems are exempted from the mask ordinance.

Quincy Police Department's Chief Kieth Siebert is asking the public to wear a mask to help slow the speed of COVID-19 in the Quincy Valley to protect those from others who could be Asymptomatic.

Chief Siebert said "There are going to be comments down below about the constitution, and what constitutional rights are and how that pertains to wearing a mask... that's not what we are going to talk about today."

Chief Siebert added that it is important for us to help each other and that it is better to ask than to tell.

Washington businesses will be required to turn away customers who aren't wearing a face mask starting July 7, Gov. Jay Inslee announced Thursday. The new statewide order is in response to a surge in coronavirus cases. The proclamation comes almost a week after Inslee's statewide mandate took effect requiring people to wear face masks while in public, both indoors and outdoors where six feet of social distancing is not possible. 

"When we wear a mask, it is a signal about something about us, it is a signal we care about the community, we care about our loved ones, we care about those we are doing business with," Inslee said. 

Inslee said he's optimistic that the vast majority of Washingtonians and Washington businesses will comply with this new order, however, businesses that do not comply could be faced with enforcement actions such as fines or forced closures. 

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