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CB Tech's Marketing and Culinary programs help decorate for Apple Stem and GWATA's black tie event

- Moses Lake, WA

Columbia Basin Technical Skills Center's Entrepreneurship/Marketing and Culinary programs helped decorate for Apple STEM Network and GWATA's black tie event.

Apple STEM Network based out of Seattle, WA, is a three-dimensional alliance of K-12, Higher Ed. They represent a diverse region with tremendous potential for STEM industry in agriculture, energies, and innovation.

The video GWATA and Apple STEM presented highlighted the annual Othello Career Showcase, the event is held at Othello High School for more than 1,500 students to explore future careers in Othello. The video also highlighted Moses Lake's manufacturers SGL Carbon and Chemi-Con Materials, two companies who have invited the community into their businesses through tours and apprenticeships.

“Being a growing business, it’s important for us to work with these younger people to develop them,” said Will Bowen, production manager at SGL Carbon. “They are the future of the workforce – especially in this community – and helping to develop our future talent is going to be critical. To help these young people understand that they don’t have to leave [the Columbia Basin] to get a good paying job.”

Produced by GWATA, the video highlights a variety of regional manufacturers, economic development leaders, and students who have spent the past few years creating resources and opportunities for students to connect with the family-wage jobs in the Columbia Basin, including the formation of the Workforce Alliance group and a burgeoning partnership between Moses Lake School District and community agencies like the Port of Moses Lake and the Grant County Economic Development Council.

“There has been a gap between our industry and our educational system,” said Brant Mayo, Executive Director of Grant County EDC. “With Career Connect, we’ve made some huge strides this year in making those connections. Getting those teachers into industries, getting the industries into the schools, and showing the parents and students the opportunities here in [the Columbia Basin].”

Research has shown that by 2021, there will be 740,000 new jobs in Washington State that are high-skilled and high-paying. But, companies across the state are quickly realizing they cannot find the right employees to meet these workforce demands.

At the end of the event Cari Horning was awarded by her fellow team mates the first Knight of the Network Award for her hard work and dedication in the growth of Apple STEM's program

Melody Jenson and her Entrepreneurship/marketing class helped transform the auditorium at CBTECH to an elegant black tie event. The program decorated with glass vases and glass panels to create luxury style tables and decor, a three day transformation.

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