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Don’t Poop in the Tulips During the Festival: Visitors Watch your Step.

The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival is in full swing with blooms decorating fields in Skagit County. But officials are warning of issues related to human waste that could spoil your visit. 

The festival is one of the most picturesque event in Washington every year — drawing visitors from around the world.  

“You see something here that you really can't see outside of Holland, so it’s truly unique,” Tulip grower Brent Roozen explained. “It's a wonderful experience and we think it's something everyone should see at least once.”

There are flowers and tulips of just about every color blooming all month long. 

Along with all those visitors comes the traffic. And when you've got people going places, sometimes they have to go. That problem has turned into a bit of an issue and now the County Public Works Department and EPA have a public information campaign to encourage people to “Poop Smart Skagit.” They've had issues with human waste within downtown Mount Vernon and nearby fields, which can be bad for animals and growers. 

“We grow a lot of food. Not just for the county, but for the country, as well," Roozen explained. 

The tulip growers try hard to minimize the impact on other fields in the community and educate visitors about the county’s agricultural significance. There are portable toilets in several locations and Poop Smart Skagit suggests everyone heading out should have a plan on how you're going to handle things when nature calls. The only time you're supposed to squat next to these tulips is for the perfect photo.

Story by KING 5 Media (Seattle)

Photo by MLWA 7 Media (Moses Lake)

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