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Grant County International Airport Rewarded $9.9 Million Dollars

-- Moses Lake North, WA

The Grant County International Airport in northern Moses Lake was awarded a grant of 9.9 million dollars for safety repairs. The grant, which in total was $9,916,638, came from the Federal Aviation Administration’s Airport Improvement Program. The money comes in addition to the $233,362 the airport will receive from the program as a result of mandatory funding commitments. 

The grant will be put toward runway safety upgrades, including fixing a line-of-sight issue and bringing runway lighting into compliance with FAA standards.

 “Airports and airport infrastructure are critical to building our economy for the future,” said Senator Maria Cantwell, who sits on the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation. “With the important role Moses Lake plays for Washington industries like aerospace, manufacturing and agriculture, this federal investment will accommodate the region’s tremendous economic growth and keep building for future sustainability and success.” 

The projects are expected to begin in the coming months and be completed to in time to handle cherry cargo charters next summer. 

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