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Inslee directs Ferguson to investigate Pierce County Sheriff Troyer

- Olympia, WA

Gov. Jay Inslee directed Attorney General Bob Ferguson on April 23rd to investigate Pierce County Sheriff Ed Troyer for potential criminal violations in late January when the sheriff called 911 and claimed that a black man in his neighborhood had threatened to kill him. This action is taken pursuant to RCW 43.10.230 and .232, which authorizes the governor to grant the attorney general concurrent authority and power with local prosecuting authorities.

In a letter sent to John Hillman, of the Criminal Justice Division in the Office of the Attorney General, Inslee references Tacoma Police Incident No. 2102700104; Investigation of False Reporting (RCW 9A.84.040) and/or other criminal violations of the Revised Code of Washington occurring on or about January 27, 2021 by Pierce County Sheriff Ed Troyer.

“The initial reports of these events were very concerning to me, and I had hoped to see some action taken to initiate a criminal investigation at the local level. But, to my knowledge, that has not happened almost three months after the incident,” Inslee said. “So now the state is stepping in. I have spoken to Attorney General Ferguson and his office will conduct this investigation and make the decision whether to initiate prosecution.”
“I appreciate the governor’s confidence in our office," Ferguson said. "We will conduct a diligent, fact-based review.”
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