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Jury Duty Call Scam is Targeting Residents in Grant County

— Grant County, WA

A local number is calling citizens in Grant County and telling them they've missed jury duty and that they owe the Grant County Sheriff’s Office money for their fine. If you receive this type of phone call law enforcement is advising you to hang up your phone. It is a SCAM. Law enforcement and the courts won't call you and tell you to send money for fines.

The recent number that has been popping up the most frequently is 758-7468. When you call that number, you get a recorded message which says that you’ve reached the Grant County Sheriff’s Office, leading some folks to believe the original call is legitimately from the GCSO.

The GCSO’s phone number is NOT 758-7468. THE CORRECT NUMBER is 754-2011 extension 2001. Beware and don’t fall for this scam.

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