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K9 Edo Helped in the Arrest of a 25 Year-Old Moses Lake Man

K9 Edo helped Moses Lake Police arrest 25-year-old Trevon McLemore last night after he called 9-1-1 claiming someone was trying to break into his house and kill him. McLemore, who later admitted to being under the influence of meth and hallucinating, had an outstanding warrant for failing to comply with a no contact order.

McLemore fled the home in the 3800 block of Lakeshore Drive when MLPD entered his neighborhood. He then tried to enter a neighbor’s home. K9 Edo and handler Deputy Tyson Voss responded and tracked McLemore for about 30 minutes, finding him hiding under shrubbery near Lakeshore and Battery. McLemore was treated at Samaritan for his contact with Edo, and then lodged in the Grant County Jail for the outstanding warrant.

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