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Local pianist played to honor fallen officers nationwide at "Beyond the call of duty" ceremony

The following article is written in an editorial form by one of our journalist. The article below is intended to stay mutual and is not intended to lean towards any side of the U.S. political spectrum, the article was written to describe the setting and feelings felt by the journalist, first responders and attendees at the memorial event.


- Moses Lake, WA

A local pianist known locally as an inspirational artist played at the McCosh Amphitheater in Downtown Moses Lake at a ceremony organized by MLPD and "Beyond the call of duty-end of watch ride." The organization is based in Washington and travels across the United States to law enforcement and Border Patrol stations that lost a member of their own in the line of duty. The organization stopped in Moses Lake to honor deputy Jon Michael Melvin. He lost his life to a battle with the COVID-19 virus on December 11th, 2020.

The ozonization on average, travels 18,000+ miles across the nation up and down the West Coast through the Midwest and up and down the East Coast. This year they honored those who lost their lives on and off duty in 2020 with over 107 photos printed on their trailer. MLPD and "Beyond the call of duty-end of watch ride" invited local pianist artist Jesse Alvarado to perform. In writing this article, I wanted to take a different approach and step away from the traditional forms of writing in journalism and come from a personal approach. In doing so, I'm taking what it means to be a journalist and keep this unbiased.

When I got the news tip from Jesse Alvarado, and MLPD I couldn't help but ask to take it. When I arrived at McCosh, I first noticed a large trailer parked in the main parking lot wrapped in what seemed like an endless array of portraits of those in remembrance. Before the death of George Floyd in Minnesota, police officers used to be seen as brave members of our community who joined the force to protect their loved ones and neighbors from harm as much as they could. Looking at the array of portraits, I could feel the holes carved in the hearts of the parents, children, spouses, and friends who lost one of the officers in their life.

Writing this article describing my reaction to an event of this matter, I have to acknowledge my background around the police force. I come from family members who were officers, and growing up, I would visit the departments. I would have a different attitude going in and out, not knowing many would change their logical thinking about the force in 2020. Either way you look at officers today and you walk up to the trailer and see each and every picture of a fallen officer the empty feeling in your chest that you will experience can make you think differently how you could see the individuals in uniform.

At the event's start, a symbol of unity filled the amphitheater when Moses Lake Firefighters joined in with the Moses Lake Police Department and SWAT team in honoring and saluting the fallen officers. During the ceremony, local artist Jesse Alvarado played two sets of music he wrote. Jesse sat down with me on how he hopes to get to audition for America's Got Talent. Jesse told me how he plays his music differently from other people. Jesse doesn't read any sheet music; instead, he listens to the notes and plays on what comes from his heart. When asking how long he's been playing piano, he said eleven years. Jesse also told me he enjoys playing for everyone and, for different occasions helping dissolve social issues.

MLPD officer Matt Davis said Jesse always wanted to be a police officer before his disability. "For him to play in tribute for fallen officers means so much... to have the support we got today was incredible," Davis said.

He continued to say Jesse is an inspiration to the community. Davis continued to say Jesse works at Samaritan Healthcare and shows up to work every single day with a hardworking attitude every single time.

Jesse is asking for support from the community to continue what he loves doing, playing piano for those in the community and for America in Los Angeles on AGT. A go fund me page has been set up for those who would like to donate can contact Jannet Aimes at 509-750-7239.

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