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Montana trooper was shot 3 times in face, head and neck, wife says. (Update on Status)

— Evaro MONT.

Wounded Montana Highway Patrol Trooper Wade Palmer's wife Lindsey said in a statement that her husband's condition remains "extremely critical" after he was shot three times in the head, face and neck. 

Lindsey Palmer said her husband remains in a medically induced coma at a Utah hospital and has not regained consciousness since the shooting on Friday. 

Montana Highway Patrol Trooper Wade Palmer's wife Lindsey said her husband's condition is "extremely critical" as he remains in a medically induced coma at a Utah hospital.

The family asks for the public’s patience and for their understanding that updates will not necessarily be available on a daily basis. We will keep everyone updated as appropriate via the Highway Patrol and Department of Justice," Lindsey Palmer wrote in the statement. 

"We remain cautiously optimistic that Wade will continue to see steady improvements. We recognize, however, that the overall understanding of these improvements and what they mean in the long run is still evolving and unknown at this time. We are deeply grateful for the outpouring of support and prayers for Wade and for us," she continued. 

Highway Patrol Chief Tom Butler also addressed false rumors circulating about Palmer's conditions.

"While we understand that the chatter can arise from a place of genuine concern and goodwill, please understand that when Wade’s friends and relatives see misinformation posted about his condition, it is very upsetting, especially when they have to take the time and energy to dispel the rumors," Butler wrote.

Butler reminded the public to refrain from circulating information until it has been verified by Montana Highway Patrol or the Department of Justice. 

"The Highway Patrol has been overwhelmed by the support and encouragement seen in recent days. It is clear the silent majority supports their law enforcement officers," Butler wrote. "Please continue to keep Trooper Palmer and the Missoula shooting victims in your thoughts and prayers.”

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