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Moses Lake girl gives out care packages to the homeless on Christmas Day

Written by Devin Perez, MLWA 7 News Chief Content Officer

MOSES LAKE — A Moses Lake family is starting a new Christmas tradition to give back to the community.

Paizlee Simpson, 9, and her family awoke Christmas morning to stockings filled with toys and treats. But even though they were happy with their bounty, they knew something was missing.

"We wanted to start a new tradition because we felt like something was incomplete," said Paizlee, who lives in Moses Lake. "We woke up, opened our stockings and prepped bags with supplies we felt someone might need."

Paizlee and her mother Kayleen packed six large bags with items such as hand warmers, gloves, socks, toothbrushes, toothpaste, granola bars and gift cards.

“We visited people throughout our community today to wish them a Merry Christmas,” Simpson said. “We were looking for a lady named Freddie whom we’ve helped in the past, but were unable to find her this time.”

In an interview with MLWA 7 News, Kayleen Simpson, Paizlee’s mother, said that her daughter is a compassionate person who has a big heart.

“Christmas is about spending time with family and giving back,” Kayleen said. It is a time for sacrifice and not just about receiving gifts. It emphasizes goodwill to both the people around you and humanity as a whole,” she added.

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