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Moses Lake police investigating graffiti, vandalism at McCosh Park

MOSES LAKE - Moses Lake police are investigating graffiti that was sprayed on the Joe R. Hooper Memorial and restrooms at McCosh Park.

Graffiti filled with hate speech was discovered Wednesday morning and shown to police. The area near the Centennial Amphitheater, the Joe R. Hooper Peace Memorial where it was found had been spray painted to shout out frustrations with criminal justice system and local law enforcement.

Kevin Fuhr, police chief of Moses Lake, conducted an interview with MLWA 7 News on Wednesday and explained that he did not know the extent of damage at McCosh Park. "At this time, we have no suspects in custody and we have no idea who is behind this," he said.

The Moses Lake Parks & Recreation Department will be tasked with assigning workers to remove the graffiti and repair the damage that was caused to the park.

Fuhr also noted that in the month of July, there were five cases of vandalism reported to authorities. Out of the five cases that were reported, two juveniles were caught and arrested for criminal mischief. "I encourage anyone that sees any graffiti or vandalism to report it to us so that we can look for the person or individuals responsible. In coordination with property owners and our Parks & Recreation Department, we need people to report the vandalism so that we can work to have it removed."

The vandalism cases in July were on North Crestview Drive and Evelyn Drive in Moses Lake. The extent of the damage caused is unknown at this time. Vandalism was also reported at a church located on Division Street in Moses Lake, Fuhr said.

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