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New Gender Afermation Office Coming to Eastern WA

— Downtown Spokane, WA

A new private practice is opening its doors in Eastern Washington called Stiller Aesthetics . Dr. Geoffrey Stiller has moved his specialty practice from the Moscow-Pullman area to the city of Spokane. Spokane will allow him to offer a new healthcare service to a new group of patients.

Dr. Stiller will provide gender affirmation surgeries to his patients out of Multicare Deaconess Hospital just south of downtown.

Besides the gender affirmation surgery Dr. Stiller also provides cosmetic surgery. Dr Stiller’s Gender affirmation surgery focuses on both top surgery and female bottom surgery. He says “this type of surgery is unavailable anywhere else in Washington state.” Although Virginia Mason Medical Center In Seattle’s first hill neighborhood does as well already offer this type of procedure.

For years Dr. Stiller has lived in Spokane and commuted to Pullman and Moscow for work, but he decided it was time to open up his own practice in the Spokane area.

"I think it's important everywhere. There are so few surgeons doing it that the access to healthcare for this community is limited," Stiller said. "I am the only surgeon in the state of Washington doing the surgeries."

Patients that come to see me whether from a cosmetic standpoint, or for gender affirmation, it's life-changing and I like to be part of that process for them," he continued.

Stiller said the practice opened about a week ago in Spokane and he hopes to perform his first surgeries at Multicare Deaconess Hospital next week. There is a whole process that goes with gender affirmation surgery, but patients are usually referred to Stiller from their primary health care physicians.

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