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Public asked to Avoid Moses Lake's Waters due to Toxic Algae

-- Moses Lake Area

The public is being asked to avoid Moses Lake's waters in result to a positive test of toxic algae. Grant County Health Officials stated that everyone should avoid going into the lake advise against any contact with the lake, including water activities because of higher than normal toxic blue-green algae levels.

It’s also advised to not drink lake water and to keep all pets and livestock away from the water. Health officials have also posted strict guidelines for fishing in the lake. Crews will continue testing the lake weekly, and warning signs at the lake will be up until the lake is clear of the toxic algae.

The Grant County Health District (GCHD) has posted warning signs around Moses Lake that will stay in place until the lake is clear of the toxic algae. Until that time, GCHD is advising people to avoid all contact with the lake, including swimming, skiing and wakeboarding. It also says you should avoid drinking lake water, keep pets and livestock away from the lake water, and clean any fish caught in Moses Lake. The type of blue-green algae suspected to be present in Moses Lake can cause nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, severe thirst, jaundice and even death.

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