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Seven day no contact with Parker Horn portion of Moses Lake due to sewage spill

Map of Sewage Spill by The City of Moses Lake

- Knolls Vista, Moses Lake, WA

A sewage spill in Moses Lake’s waters in the Knolls Vista neighborhood reported Wednesday has resulted in a seven-day no contact advisory from the Grant County Health District.

This means the public should not swim, fish, or have any contact with lake water in the impacted area. The public is also advised not to irrigate using lake water.

The sewage spill was initially reported to be spilling into Parker Horn near Downtown ML at around 6 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 28 by a resident living in the 300 block of West Northshore Drive. The Moses Lake Fire Department, along with the City’s Waste Water Division, responded to the call. Waste water employees worked on the leak and capped the leak around 11:30 p.m. according to the City of Moses Lake. The City stated that employees determined that there was a baseball-sized hole in the side of the pipe which was more than likely a result of an aged un replaced pipe.

Immediately following the spill, the Grant County Health District issued a health advisory with assistance from Grant County Sheriff's Office's Emergency Management. The Health District and Emergency Management contacted more than 70 homeowners along Northshore Drive advising homeowners to discontinue irrigating from the lake until further notice. The Health District is also installing public health advisory warnings in the affected areas. This release does not affect drinking water and no sewer services were affected.

In a statement earlier this afternoon the City of Moses Lake stated,

"City staff is working on options to discontinue the use of the aged pipe with the goal of keeping this issue from happening in the future."

Grant County Health District Public Health Advisory

"Due to the sewage spill into Moses Lake, Grant County Health District is placing a Public Health Advisory to avoid all contact with Moses Lake water near the impacted area for the next seven days. GCHD staff is posting warning signs at public access points of the impacted area. The attached map outlines the area impacted by the advisory. No contact with lake water in the impacted area includes, no irrigating out of Moses Lake, no swimming or water recreation of any kind or fishing. The City water system is not impacted by the spill."

For more information on the health impact contact the Grant County Health District at 509-766-7960. For additional information about the spill contact the City of Moses Lake’s Municipal Services Department at 509-764-3783.

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