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VIDEO: Groundbreaking ceremony kicks off construction for Moses Lake's new Larson Recreation Center

- Moses Lake

The ceremony to kick off Moses Lake's newest Larson Recreational Center was accompanied by City Manager Alison Williams, Mayor, David Curnel, Liebrecht, Myers, and Riggs. State Legislator Tom Dent and State Representative Judith Warnick were also in attendance and former and current Parks and Recreational staff members.

PHOTO ABOVE: City Council, State Legislator, and Representative, and current Park Rec Staff

Mayor David Curnel shared that Moses Lake is currently relying on shared spaces for activities at school facilities stating this method does not fit the needs for continued rapid the growth in the region. Mayor Curnel continued to say that the new facility will allow recreation staff to enhance several youth events and bring much-needed new business to the local community. In his speech, he also addressed how parks departments across the nation strive for social equality, stating that the new Larson Recreation Center will be a facility that accomplishes that, no matter what income level, race, or creed and will be more accessible access to exercise and fitness stating,

"This will have an impact on the current childhood obesity and diabetes."

The decision to construct the new rec center came as funding to bring the current recreational center by the ice rink on Yakima St would not be cost-effective to bring it up to code. According to Mayor Curnel, Driftmier was then commissioned to propose a design for the new recreation center and the total cost for the formal design and construction. The total bid for the project is an estimated $11 million 350 thousand dollars. The Moses Lake City Council discussed the costs of building a new facility over a dozen council meetings and voted on March 9, 2021, for city staff to move forward and create a funding package for the construction of the new facility. Mayor Curnel stated most of his concerns about a new city sports recreation center after former Parks Director Spencer Grigg said in a city council meeting.

“You are making history tonight. I hope you will take to heart that you are doing this for the kids, parks departments across the nation strive for social equity, and this is the kind of facility that accomplishes that, no matter what income level, race, or creed for access to exercise…he continued to say, the new facility will allow recreation staff to enhance several youth events will bring new business to the local community…..”

MLWA 7 News spoke with Project Superintendent Ted Moncada, who said he was excited and fortunate to be on board with this project and understands that this is a highly demanding job and thinks about the project day and night. He also wants to make the building perfect for today's kids and future generations ahead of us to enjoy. Moncada said that the new facility is designed to have several locker rooms to host future ice hockey league competitions along with a full-court basketball section and a track that encircles the court above. The ground floor will also have classrooms and a kitchen. The second floor will be primarily administrative and will have a designated section of new offices for the Parks and Recreation staff, giving a much-needed expansion of offices for the Moses Lake Police Department on Balsom St.

Ted Moncada took us on a tour of the proposed rec center and said as of today, May 12, 2021, they are planning to complete the project on June 14, 2022.

PHOTOS ABOVE: Plans for new Larson Recreation Center

ARTICLE BY: Brandon Sanchez MLWA 7 News

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