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Washington Students no Longer Needs to Pass State Tests to Graduate High School

— Washington State

Washington state high school students will no longer be required to pass statewide (SBAC) tests in English, Language Arts, Math, and Science in order to graduate. The bill, HB-1599 was passed by the legislature and was given to Governor Inslee to sign on April 26, 2019.

New pathways to graduation include:

- Successful completion of college-level class in English and language arts, math and science

- Admission to college or career training program

- Award of a scholarship to higher educationEnlistment in the military and meet the standard in the armed services vocational aptitude battery

- Achieving an ACT or SAT score for math, reading or English or writing portions, as determined by the state Board of Education

- Achieving a score of 3 or higher on Advanced Placement tests in relevant subject areas

- Achieving a score of 4 or higher on International Baccalaureate tests in relevant subject areas

- Qualify for college credit in dual credit courses in English and language arts, and math

- Complete a sequence of career and technical education courses that are relevant to the student's post-high school plans

According to WA OSPI, Students will still be able to take the statewide test (SBAC) to graduate. School districts will have discretion over which pathways they offer to students and will not be required to offer all of them. The School districts are also allowed to waive up to two credits an individual student needs to graduate, but only in special circumstances. The credits may not be waived if they are core credits as mandated by the state Board of Education such as Math, Science, English, and Social Studies.

More updates to come

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