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Water Vapor found on potentially Earth-like planet. Water and temperature are just right for life

— Cape Canaveral, Fla. (AP)

In a tantalizing first, scientists have discovered water at a planet outside our solar system that has temperatures suitable for life.

Two research groups announced this week that they've found water vapor in the atmosphere of a planet 110 light-years away in the constellation Leo. This so-called Super Earth is just the right distance from its star to conceivably harbor life.

A planetary first! Researchers detected signs of water vapor in the atmosphere of a faraway planet in the

"habitable zone,"

where liquid water could potentially pool.

It's the only exoplanet known so far to have both water and temperatures needed for life, the University College London team reported in the journal Nature Astronomy on Wednesday. But lead author Angelos Tsiaras stressed,

"This is definitely not a second Earth."

Its star and atmosphere are so different than ours,

"Earth-like conditions are not possible," Tsiaras told reporters. "The only question that we're trying to ask here, and we're pushing forward, is the question of habita