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WSP end a 25 mile car chase by spike stripping a car in Burbank

— Burbank, WA

Washington State Trooper Chris Thorson says a spike strip deploy was successful after a man led officers on a 25 mile chase.

The car was driving on US Highway-12 heading into Burbank. Officers intercepted the call, found the driver and attempted to get the car to pull over.

Thorson says that Officers deployed spike strips after the 25 mile mark of the chase just outside of Burbank. Once the strips were deployed the car got about one mile before both right side tires blew out and caused a pull over.

According to KEPR Action News in Kennewick, there were four people in the car, the driver and three other occupants. All four are in custody in Walla Walla County, along with the driver for felony eluding. The whole incident is under investigation.

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