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Younger generation stepping up to the plate, Devin Perez announced bid for MLSD school board

- Moses Lake, WA

Devin Perez, a candidate in the upcoming 2021 Moses Lake School Board election, announced his candidacy on Thursday. The 21-year old will be running for a seat in the 2nd District on the school board and is focused on making schools safer by reducing bullying, advocating for transparency within the district, and putting teachers, students, and parents first.

In announcing his candidacy for school board, Devin said, "I am running for a seat on the Moses Lake School Board in the 2nd District because I want to help make sure that every student has access to an education. We need to make sure students have what they need to succeed, so we can build a better future for our community. I believe that every child deserves an education that will make them successful, regardless of their socioeconomic background or academic abilities. I want to ensure kids have equitable access to resources,” he said.

If elected, Devin says he will make it a priority to support the teachers in the school district.

“I am running for the Moses Lake School Board in the 2nd District, I believe that we need to support our teachers and make sure they get what they deserve. I was fortunate enough to have a teacher in high school that believed me and pushed me to succeed, no matter the obstacles I was facing in life,” Devin said. “One of my priorities will be ensuring that our teachers have adequate resources to do their best work in the classroom. I want to make sure that we have a voice for teachers, and I want them to know that they are supported in this district. I believe that teachers are the backbone of our society. They shape and mold the next generation, as well as keep communities strong,” he added.

Devin is committed to reducing bullying in our schools through more education programs that teach empathy and understanding; increasing mental health services for students; and an emphasis on building relationships with families so they feel part of the community at large.

“I'm running for the Moses Lake School Board because what we are doing isn't working. I believe in a future where every student feels safe and is respected. We need someone who will stand up, speak out, and make the changes that will protect all of our kids from bullying. I’m running to make sure each and every student feels safe and accepted at school, every single day,” Devin said. “As a community member, I am deeply concerned about the lack of resources and support for students who need it most. We have lost several teenagers in recent years due to suicide, and this is not something that should be happening. Bullying is a serious issue in many schools and it's been proven time and again that bullying causes depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and suicide among teenagers,” he added.

In the Spring of 2021, Devin set out on a new venture, creating MOSEY Marketing, MLWA 7 News's parent company. MOSEY Marketing is Moses Lake’s newest marketing agency, which specializes in marketing services as Social Media Management, Web Design, SEO, Public Relations, Copywriting, and more services geared towards helping small businesses increase their online presence.

In his free time Devin Perez enjoys coffee, reading books about entrepreneurship, and playing video games with his friends. In addition to owning a pug named Brady, he also likes to watch Seahawks games and attend Mariners games.

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