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16-year-old Lorelei Starr found has been found safe according to MLPD

The Moses Lake Police Department said on Tuesday night that a 16-year-old girl who had been missing for weeks had been found safe. Officer McCain of MLPD said Lorelei’s boyfriend wouldn’t let MLPD officers look inside the boyfriend’s home. Officers returned and contacted the boyfriend’s father, and said to officers that a girl had been staying at the home recently.

Lorelei was located safe and has been returned to her family Tuesday evening. Lorelei was listed as a runaway on April 17 after leaving a note that she was leaving and would contact her family when she reaches her destination but her family was never contacted. MLPD says that Lorelei’s boyfriend could be charged with harboring a runaway minor.

According to a Facebook post, Lorelei Starr was found safe on Tuesday night. She had reportedly been missing since April 17.

A spokesperson for Big Bend Community College says Lorelei Starr is the daughter of an employee. Her story was shared on the nationally televised show "Live PD" on Saturday

A family member found a note in Starr's bedroom that said she was running away and would contact her mom and best friend when she reached her destination, Cain said.


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