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A woman has worked at the Moses Lake McDonald’s for thirty years. Now she’s battling cancer.

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Cynthia has been working at the downtown Moses Lake McDonald’s since the 1990s and has greeted customers with a smile every day.

Moses Lake, WA

If you’ve ever eaten inside the downtown McDonald’s location in Moses Lake, there’s a good chance you were greeted by Cynthia, a prominent worker at the restaurant.

For thirty years, since the 1990s, Cynthia has been working at the Moses Lake McDonald’s. Cynthia works in the mornings. When the dining area was open before the COVID-19 pandemic, Cynthia would take customers’ breakfast orders in the morning or refill a cup of coffee for the elderly that are in need of some more Joe.

In a newly created GoFundMe campaign, it was revealed that Cynthia was recently diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer. Christina Strauss, Cynthia’s daughter, said Cynthia’s insurance will not cover tests that she has previously had done or tests that will be performed in the future.

“She will not get any financial assistance for some really big bills. [We] found out insurance won’t cover any of her treatments. I’m asking for help, which I don't like doing but we have no other options,” Christina Strauss stated in the GoFundMe campaign.

Cynthia, who has worked for McDonald’s for over thirty years, will not be receiving any financial assistance. Cynthia will be traveling to Wenatchee frequently for treatments and tests during her battle with cancer.

On Thursday, Cynthia is scheduled to have surgery for partial breast removal and surgery on her lymph nodes, which will be followed by radiation treatments.

The GoFundMe Campaign can be found HERE.

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