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Albertsons, Safeway to limit essential aments including toilet paper, paper towels to two per person

- Moses Lake, WA

The Albertsons grocery chain including Safeway will be limiting essential items to two per person to keep items available for as many people as possible. According to a release on Sunday, in all stores in Washington, only one entrance will be open, with an employee stationed at the entrance during peak times to monitor customer numbers entering and exiting the stores.

For customers with flexible schedules, officials with the stores suggest shopping during times that ordinarily have fewer customers in the stores, such as before 2pm on weekdays.

The stores will maintain their designated shopping hours for seniors and medically vulnerable on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7am – 9am. They urge other customers to be mindful and considerate in order to create the safest environment possible for those in our community most at risk.

Under a new four week in Washington by Governor Inslee in hope to reduce daily COVID case numbers and hospitalizations restriction Restaurants and bars will be closed for indoor service, with to-go services and restricted outdoor dining allowed. In-store retail, grocery stores and personal services are limited to 25% of occupancy and must close any congregate areas.

Out of an abundance of caution, we will place limitations on the following products:

  • Toilet Paper – 2 units per transaction

  • Paper Towels – 2 units per transaction

  • Disinfecting & Antibacterial sprays/wipes – 2 units per transaction (including baby wipes)

  • Tabletop – Paper/ Plastic Plates/Cups – 2 units per transaction

  • Hand Soap – 4 units per transaction

  • Vitamins / Letters (ex-Vitamin C) – 4 units per transaction

  • Vitamins / Gummies – 4 units per transaction

  • Dish Soap – 2 units per transaction

  • Rubbing Alcohol/Wipes – 4 units per transaction

  • Hydrogen Peroxide – 4 units per transaction

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