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An Unwelcome Surprise in a Buffalo Wild Wings one Customer Wasn’t Prepared for

— Westchester, Los Angeles, CA

Imagine enjoying a night out at a local Buffalo Wild Wings and all of a sudden a large rat falls onto your menu. That's what happened to one lady in Southern California.

Alisha Norman from Houston, Texas was enjoying her vacation in Southern California when she didn’t get a warm welcome from a restaurant in the Golden State.

Alisha noticed a strange noise coming from the ceiling while she was watching the US Women’s Soccer game against Spain before the large rodent fell.

"I heard a noise and we all looked up and down came the rat," Alisha said.

After the rat went crashing down, Norman said everyone started moving around because no one could believe what was going on.

"A rat absolutely fell from the ceiling," Alisha wrote on social media. "Not a great welcome, Los Angeles."

While everyone was still puzzled, Norman said a manager scooped up the rat with two plates and placed it into a bag. The restaurant manager later explained to customers that the rat fell due to the construction going on around.

Alisha also said that the rat was still alive after surviving the drop. She told local reporters "It was disgusting, it was still alive. Its heart was still beating,"
Given the experience, when asked if she would go to a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant in Houston, Norman said, "I'm feeling like I'm done with Buffalo Wild Wings."

A spokesperson of the restaurant released the following statement about the incident:

"The isolated incident at the Westchester-area Buffalo Wild Wings in Los Angeles yesterday was unfortunate. The center where the restaurant is located is undergoing significant construction and we are confident it was directly related. We hold Buffalo Wild Wings to the highest operating standards and promptly closed the restaurant for proper remediation, cleaning and sanitization. We look forward to reopening soon to once again serve our guests in the Westchester area."
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