Atlanta: Man arrested after walking into grocery store with 6 guns, body armor, police say

ATLANTA (AP) — A worker at an Atlanta grocery store heard “clicking sounds,” and it sounded to him like someone was loading weapons inside a restroom stall, he told police. Then he saw an an “AR-15-style rifle” leaning against the wall.

The sharp-eyed Instacart worker is getting credit for helping officers to stop the man wearing body armor and carrying a half-dozen guns from roaming through the Publix grocery store Wednesday, police said.

The new details are included in police incident reports released Thursday by Atlanta police. The man’s intentions are not explained in the reports. The worker, Charles Russell, “heard clicking sounds from the bathroom stall,” a police report states. “It sounded to him like someone was loading firearms.”

Russell then alerted a manager at the store, urging him to call 911.

Two Atlanta police officers arrived. One grabbed a rifle from his patrol car, put on a ballistic helmet and went into the store, where he apparently surprised the armed man as he came around the corner from the restroom.

“I immediately ordered the accused to put his hands up and don’t move to which he complied,” the officer wrote in his report. “The accused appeared to be surprised when he saw us that close to him.”