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Boeing planning to move 787 production to South Carolina

Boeing has announced the strong possibility of shutting down their 787 Dreamliner factory in Everett and move east to South Carolina in 2021. The initial news came from the Wall Street Journal saying The decision comes as the company responds to the "current global environment" in order to "enhance efficiency and improve performance for the long-term."

Governor Inslee released a statement saying that "Boeing would be turning its back on the finest workers and the best place in the world to build airplanes." Boeing will continue to produce the smaller 787 models including the 787-8 in Everett until the program moves to the production rate of six planes a month in 2021. According to the governor's office this could jeopardize 1,000 jobs in the state's aerospace industry.

According to Deal, Boeing factories across the Puget Sound will continue to work on building the 737s, 747s, 767s, and the current and new 777 airplanes.

"We recognize that production decisions can impact our teammates, industry and our community partners," Deal said. "We extensively evaluated every aspect of the program and engaged with our stakeholders on how we can best partner moving forward. These efforts will further refine 787 production and enhance the airplane's value proposition."'

Governor Inslee has been in talks with Boeing to keep the 787 production in Washington sayin on a statement,

“We have asked the Boeing Company multiple times what it needs to keep 787 production in Washington. We’ve heard nothing back. Nor have we heard anything about how to restart this work when conditions improve. This move would signal an allegiance to short-term profits and Wall Street - not quality, safety and a vision for the future of the industry.
"Washington state remains the best place in the world to make airplanes. The Boeing Company still has a large presence here, amidst an innovative aerospace sector that includes some of the best workers anywhere and hundreds of businesses that are part of a high-quality supply chain. The future is here."

According to King 5 News out of Seattle, Snohomish county has a two-pronged approach to keep the 787 assembly line in Everett and position its Everett factory for the next jet program. One of those tracks is public outreach on social media to remind Boeing and its workforce that they are part of the Snohomish County family, according to Somers. That initiative is called the "Better With Boeing" campaign.

King 5 also discussed with Rep. Rick Larsen and said that the move "sounds like a done deal." However, he also said it is a "misguided conclusion" from the Boeing company.

"I don't think this is the right decision for Boeing - certainly not the Pacific Northwest," he said.
“I stand ready to work with the Boeing Company to keep production here, and with the workforce to ensure, regardless of outcome, that we keep a strong aerospace sector alive in Washington state," said Governor Jay Inslee
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