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Boeing to restart limited operations in Moses Lake

Editor's Note: Above is footage over Grant County Intl Airport in mid 2019

Photo also taken over the by, Lindsey Wasson/REUTERS

- Moses Lake North, WA

Boeing told employees Friday afternoon that “a safe and orderly restart of limited operations” will begin at a few Washington state sites as early as Monday.

Out of about 30,000 employees idled by the shutdown, Boeing will recall just about 2,500 employees for this work, The Seattle Times reported. The company said it will provide the workers with personal protective equipment and enforce social distancing measures.

The aerospace giant intends to resume the operations that will focus on defense projects and storage of the 737 MAX planes. It said other employees that work in essential labs and support teams would also proceed to support those critical customer needs. In its message to employees, Boeing said that some other

“essential labs and support teams will also resume to support critical customer needs.”

As part of the company’s commitment to making sure its employees are safe, it set up new procedures to fight the spread of the coronavirus. It includes practices like works wellness checks at the beginning of every shift, staggered start times to reduce the flow of employees arriving or departing work. Other practices include floor markings and signage to create physical distance, virtual meetings, having those work from home if possible, making available handwashing states in high-traffic areas and having on hand additional cleaning supplies.

Those working in Washington will also be required to wear masks or face coverings.

Boeing said it would supply masks for those who did not have one.

Boeing’s message to employees said that the company has

“taken extra precautions and instituted new procedures to keep people safe and fight the spread of COVID-19.”

It said these will include: 

  • Employee wellness checks at the beginning of every shift.

  • Staggered shift start times to reduce the flow of employees arriving and departing work.

  • Visual controls such as floor markings and signage to create physical distance.

  • Continued virtual meetings and employees working from home if they can.

  • One person per row on site bus shuttles, and dining areas adjusted for physical distancing.

  • Hand-washing stations in high-traffic areas and additional cleaning supplies available.

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