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Boeing to Store 737-Max Aircrafts at the Boeing Test Facility at the Grant County Intl. Airport

— Moses Lake North, WA

Boeing is storing six 737 Max aircrafts at it’s Boeing test facility at the Grant County International Airport in Moses Lake North with airlines waiting to receive their Max aircrafts including Korean Air, United Airlines, and Ukrainian Airlines after waiting more than six months for Boeing to fix their software issue.

The Boeing 737 Max aircrafts have been grounded worldwide due to an issue with the auto pilot controls resulting to two major fatality crashes one with Ethiopian Airlines that killed 157 people and another with Lion Airlines that killed 189 people with a total of 346 souls lost due to Boeing’s error that could of been prevented.

While Boeing has their Max aircrafts stores at all of their testing and factory buildings across Washington they are running out of room leading to the Moses Lake test facility to take in some aircrafts. The Max aircrafts came from Boeing’s Renton facility because of the lack of room from storage and the continuation of 737-Max productions as seen by aerial photos by King 5 News in Seattle.

Rich Mueller, the airport director for the Port of Moses Lake stated that “The Moses Lake Boeing facility has more space for Boeing to send their 737 Max aircrafts if needed and that the Grant County International Airport will also provide storage space if needed”.

Parking the aircrafts aren’t free. According to the Los Angeles Times it’s costing Boeing $2,000 USD a month to park 34 737 Max Southwest Airliners at an airport in Victorville California east of Los Angeles in the Mojave Desert.

While the 737 Max aircrafts cannot be flown for commercial usage it is only up to the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) to determine if Boeing’s 737 Max situation has been fixed and wether or not the aircrafts are safe to fly. Once the FAA gives Boeing will then send technicians over to the aircrafts and give the controls a software update. When the updates are complete the aircrafts will then depart their storage facilities and will then be delivered to the companies that placed in their orders.

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