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City of Moses Lake Manager Resigning After Accusations of Sexual Harassment and Abuse of Power

— Downtown Moses Lake WA

Former Moses Lake City Manager John Williams will continue to be paid for six months, according to a separation agreement and release approved June 11.

John Williams and the city mutually agreed to end his relationship with the city goverment on June 11. A press release by the city of Moses Lake indicated Williams “has decided that he wants to pursue other opportunities" describing the reason for his resignation.

Under the separation agreement with the City of Moses Lake, Williams will be paid USD $84,167 in salary over his next six months of leave, and another $56,955.29 for unused vacation, floating holidays and unused sick leave. Coming to a total of USD $141,122.29.

Williams was hired by the city as a manager back in 2015. John Williams has agreed to the city that he will cooperate with the city in ensuring the smooth transition of his responsibilities as city manager. He als started that he will work with the city in any legal action or potential litigation that have been addressed in his name. Police Chief Kevin Fuhr will remain the interim city manager during the transition.

Williams’ has taken his resignation following six current and former female city employees that have filed claims for accusations including sexual harassment, discrimination, abuse of power and a “hostile” work environment involving Williams and former Community Development Director Gilbert Alvarado.

The city has hired an independent investigator on July 24th , before the hiring of an j dependent investigation, Alvarado was notified about the complaints of workplace conduct, according to a letter obtained through the city of Moses Lake. Alvarado resigned from his position in late April, days before the first three claims we're filled against the city.

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