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Devin Perez acquires ownership stake in MLWA 7 News

Perez will be bringing experience in social media marketing, journalism, and web design to the company in a newly designated partnership

MOSES LAKE, WA (12/30/2020) — Devin Perez, a Journalist, Web Designer, and Social Media Specialist in Grant County, announced today that he has attained a 50% ownership stake in MLWA 7 News, a media company that is based in the Columbia Basin. Perez will be accepting the roles of Chief Operating Officer (COO) and News Producer at MLWA 7 News.

Perez has experience in web design, social media marketing, journalism, and giving back to the community. Perez began his journalism career in early 2019 when he joined the iFIBER ONE News team as a News Producer. In the fall of 2019, Perez received an internship at the Columbia Basin Herald, where he was charged with helping vivify the newspaper’s social media presence.

Perez said despite a year-long hiatus in the journalism industry, he’s prepared to return to the industry and deliver the latest news to residents in Grant County and surrounding areas.

Right now, there are two news organizations in the Columbia Basin. This newly appointed agreement with MLWA 7 News will allow us to deliver the latest news, weather, and traffic to residents in our area in a sharp way while staying impartial and experienced. I strongly believe that advertising is the answer to keeping the news unrestricted to its readers, so there won’t be a paywall on the MLWA 7 News page,” Perez said. “With the dearth of the company I created, Grant County News LLC, there are just two news organizations in the Columbia Basin so I wanted to branch out and solidify a partnership that will bring a new organization to the Columbia Basin. I believe that if you compose an article, it should be broadcasted as soon as possible, there shouldn’t be a wait. In today’s time and age, the latest news matters. People shouldn’t have to wait days to glance at an article about news that happened last week or a few days ago,” Perez added.

“In the coming weeks, you are going to catch a glimpse of a brand new website layout, social media marketing protocol, and a fresh wave of content that is disseminated on a daily schedule to meet the needs of our readers in the Columbia Basin,” Perez said.

During the pandemic, Devin Perez has helped small businesses in our area grow their sales and boost their online presence, through social media, and constructing a website that meets the necessities of the business.

Brandon Sanchez, CEO of MLWA 7 News, said he approved Perez’s offer to solidify the partnership because of Devin’s knowledge in the journalism industry and his creativity in web design and social media, along with marketing.

I’ve known Devin since high school and I’ve observed his voyage when he was working at iFIBER ONE News and the Columbia Basin Herald. Since establishing MLWA 7 News, I’m enthusiastic about reporting the latest news, weather, and traffic to residents of the Columbia Basin and I know Devin feels the same way. This newly solidified agreement will bring a new company to the table and will be helpful to not just residents of the Columbia Basin, but companies that need to heighten their sales and online presence. I’m excited for the future of MLWA 7 News and what we can now bring to local startups and new entrepreneurs that are wanting to grow their business and have a voice in the community,” Sanchez said.
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