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East Wenatchee Police Officers Aired Complaints About Their Local Police Chief

- East Wenatchee

Local police officers told the East Wenatchee city council they have had serious issues with Police Chief Randy Harrison and Assistance Chief Ray Coble.

In a no-confidence letter read at a council meeting Tuesday, the officers claim Harrison and Coble “have fostered an atmosphere of hostility, retaliation and unethical behavior.

Dave Simmons, The business representative with the union that represents the local officers, said they have tried to meet with the chief and mayor about their concerns, but we’re both unable to be reached and we’re both not present at the meeting Tuesday night.

“They’ve made multiple efforts to resolve the issues and nothing has been resolved,” Simmons said. “They advised the mayor back in June that they had serious issues and concerns with the chief and assistant chief and received a response back in late July and early August that they didn’t believe there was a serious issue.” The City officers voted 16-2 in favor of the no-confidence letter.

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