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False alarm shooting alert at South Center Mall in Tukwila South of Seattle

A large group of teenagers ran out of the mall all at once, prompting alarm from passersby and store employees. Other cities sent officers to assist in crowd control.

Tukwila Police announced on their Facebook page that a large crowd running out of the South Center Mall Saturday evening was not a shooting, but a "large juvenile problem."

Around 5:30 p.m., a large crowd of teenagers was seen running out of the mall. Passersby and store employees became alarmed and took to social media, expressing concern about a shooting.

An hour after the incident, Tukwila Police Department posted the mob was caused by "a large juvenile problem at the mall." They said the group has since dispersed in the post.

Shortly afterward, the Tukwila Police Department posted on the Facebook page that the mall is open. Some of the stores closed their gates because of the alarming scene. 

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