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Fire breaks out on Zim-Kingsman cargo ship on Juan de Fuca Sunday morning


- United States / Canada Border

Nationwide shortages won’t be returning to normal soon, and the latest incident won’t help it return to normal much faster. The same cargo ship that lost over 35 containers due to high winds on the Strait of Juan de Fuca between Port Angles and Victoria caught fire today. According to the Canadian coast guard, the ship Zim-Kingsman was anchored down, waiting for clearance to dock. At this time, it’s unknown if the boat was going to dock at the Seattle Port when ten containers caught on fire.

CCGS Cape Calvert and CCGS Cape Naden have evacuated 16 people from the container ship, and we’re taken into Victoria, B.C. The Canadian Coast guard said,

“The fire remains a dynamic event, and an Incident Command Post has been set up to manage the situation. Responders are mobilizing to both fight the fire and recover the containers that broke away from the ship on Friday.”


Smoke from the fire was monitored by air quality stations around the Victoria area.

The Canadian Coast Guard provided an update less than an hour ago stating that emergency tow vessels, tugs, and CCG monitor the ship overnight to ensure the five crew members on board the vessel are safe. The vessel remains secured, and that further updates will be provided tomorrow. As of right now, the fire on the Zim-Kingston has been stabilized. Canadian coast gaur said depending on tomorrow‘s weather conditions; hazardous materials firefighters will board the ship to fight any remaining fires and ensure the fire is out.

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