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First day with no new reported COVID-19 cases in Grant County. Social distancing still encouraged

- Moses Lake, WA

The coming months will bring slow, measured relaxation of our physical distancing interventions.

Even with a slow, phased re-opening of the state, we are likely to see COVID-19 spike. We may open our doors, only to close them again in a matter of months. We will need to develop effective treatments for COVID-19 or a vaccine before we can stop dialing up and down the physical distancing interventions.

Although it’s possible that treatments may be developed sooner, in the best case scenarios, we are still at least 12-18 months from a vaccine. Now is the time to start preparing what life will look like when businesses start to re-open.

This was a message from the Grant County Health District in downtown Moses Lake. Social distancing needs to continue in order to flatten the curve. Washington and the rest of the west coast have projected to hit our peak the beginning of April. Western Washington is starting to see a slow gradual reduction in social distancing.

The western portion of the state has received a C+ grade for social distancing flattening the curve quicker than us in Central Washington. Grant County has received a grade F in social distancing with no daily traffic reduction nor reduction in daily attendance in essential stores.

Earlier last week the Grant County Sheriffs main office in Ephrata received complaints about large gatherings at the Sand Dunes in Moses Lake just south of the city. Sheriff Tom Jones (R) said in a response that if the large gatherings continue he would have no choice but to close the Sand Dunes park for Recreational reasons along with the already closed camping ordinance. Jones hasn’t released a statement on another large gathering that took place this last weekend.

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