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Gov. Jay Inslee issued a proclamation today in response to damage from several wildfires

- Olympia, WA

Gov. Jay Inslee issued a proclamation today in response to damage from several wildfires across the state. The proclamation will help families and individuals impacted by wildfires with cash assistance for immediate needs. 

The assistance will be provided through DSHS’ Family Emergency Assistance Program, which has been expanded to also serve individuals and waive the one-time distribution limitation. 

"For families impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and now the devastating wildfires ravaging our state, funding from the Family Emergency Assistance Program can be, quite literally, a lifesaver," Inslee said. "The state will continue to look for ways to support communities as we work together to recover from multiple economic and health emergencies."

Inslee's statewide emergency allows for resources from across the state to be mobilized to help battle the wildfires. Helicopters from the Washington National Guard have already been working with firefighters on the ground to contain the Sumner Grade Fire. 

"We're still putting out these fires, we're not out of the woods yet," said Inslee, who cited climate change as the growing reason for such catastrophic wildfires. 
"The grass is so dry, the temperatures are so hot, and the winds are so heavy... and these conditions are exacerbated by the changing climate," Inslee said.

The Governor visited the small town of Malden near Spokane on Thursday, just days after a wildfire swept through and destroyed 80% of the town. The governor met with local first responders, law enforcement and residents that were affected by the fire, and toured the impacted areas. Inslee then traveled to Pullman to meet with Washington State University admin and students along with local officials about the local COVID-19 spread among the university.

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