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Governor Inslee issues new restrictions statewide to combat COVID-19

— Olympia, WA

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee issued new restrictions statewide in response to COVID-19.

On Monday, March 16, restaurants and bars across the state will be temporarily shut down due to the recent coronavirus outbreak.

“COVID-19 is spreading in WA and around the globe. To protect our people, we must continue to escalate our response. Tomorrow, we will temporarily shut down restaurants, bars and entertainment/recreational facilities statewide,” Governor Jay Inslee stated late Sunday night.

Grocery stores and pharmacies will remain open and will not be affected by the new restrictions, Inslee added. Restaurants may continue take-out and delivery service while the new restrictions are in place. Retail outlets are permitted to stay open with reduced occupancy.

“All gatherings under 50 participants will be prohibited unless previously announced criteria for hygiene and social distancing are met. I know there will be significant economic impacts to all our communities. But every hour counts as we bend the curve of infection. We have, and we will continue to take steps to mitigate those challenges,” Inslee said.

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