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Grant County Commissioners warn of county ban on fireworks if weather conditions worsen

- Ephrata, WA

The Grant County Commissioners are considering a county wide ban of fireworks if dry low humid conditions worsen across the Columbia Basin. Grant County code allows for an emergency ban on the sale and discharge of fireworks. The commission have reached out to the local grant county and city fire districts. If conditions worsen based on (fires, wind, depleted firefighters) a ban on the discharge of fireworks will likely happen the commission stated.

The region has been under a large pressure system called a "heat dome" bringing state wide record temperatures above 105 degrees for almost a week straight with low humidity in Central Washington. The county is currently listed as "very high" risk for fire danger during the 4th of July season.

"We strongly recommend holding fireworks until New Year’s. If fireworks are displayed, please be mindful of dry tinder and keep water handy. We don’t want a “privilege” to lead to the loss of someone’s home or property." The commissioners stated.

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