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Grant County Sheriff’s Office gives first thorough releases about early morning bus crash in Quincy

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

- Quincy, WA (39 miles west of Moses Lake)

The collision this morning near Quincy involved three vehicles: a Quincy school bus, a tour bus, and a passenger vehicle. All 26 students and the driver of the school bus were transported to Quincy Valley Medical Center for evaluation. School bus occupants sustained either no injuries or non-life-threatening injuries. The students range in age from 5 to 15. All students have been reunited with their parents.

There were 39 passengers, one tour guide and the driver on the tour bus. The injured were all transported to Quincy Valley Medical Center and are being sheltered in the hospital’s convalescent wing. None of those people sustained life threatening injuries.

The driver of the third vehicle sustained non-life threatening injuries.

The driver of the tour bus, sadly, died in the collision. This was something we had withheld because we wanted to make sure his next-of-kin was properly notified. This is also why we did not share any images of the collision scene. The driver’s identity will be released tomorrow to allow additional loved ones to be notified by next-of-kin. The Quincy Public Market, Pink Oven Bakery, East Wenatchee Olive Garden and other businesses and community members have responded with meals for those being sheltered at the hospital in order to make people as comfortable as possible. There is some information which we can’t share right now but will likely be released in the coming days:

Names of any parties involved. Names of drivers can be shared later. Names of juveniles will not be released.

The cause of the collision won’t be known for several days. There’s plenty of rumor, but nothing is even close to being confirmed, and won’t be for several days.

The Quincy community is no stranger to emergencies, and always steps up to help. Similar to the Thanksgiving 2018 crash involving a bus carrying part of the University of Washington Marching Band, Quincy community members rallied and came to the aid of those in need of help.

Additionally, Quincy Valley Medical Center mobilized their disaster response protocol and had triple staffing on-hand in order to handle the amount of patients. That protocol is the result of a great deal of planning and preparation within the hospital and with local partners. Local public safety agencies also rallied to come to help.

Those agencies include the Grant County Sheriff’s Office, Quincy School District, Quincy Police Department, Washington State Patrol, Washington Department of Transportation, Grant County Public Works, Grant County Fire Districts 3 & 5, Grant County Fire District 5, Grant County Emergency Management, MACC Dispatch, Protection One Ambulance, and chaplains from Faith Community Church, Grant County Fire District #3 and Quincy Police Department.

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