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Grant County Sheriffs Office asking people to social distance at the ML Sand Dunes

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

- Moses Lake, WA

The Grant County Sheriff’s Office got many reports last weekend about people using the Moses Lake Sand Dunes and not practicing Governor Inslee’s social distancing order.

GCSO sent out a notice stating,

We understand that people need to get out and experience the outdoors and it is encouraged by the Governor and local officials.  It does eliminate the “cabin fever” affect. Although we are getting better at reducing the spread, recent numbers suggest we aren’t doing as well as we hoped.  If we are truly going to reduce the spread of COVID-19, everyone will need to pitch in to make it happen. 

The Sheriff’s Office is asking that everyone continues to practice social distancing – even at the Sand Dunes.  Grant County ORV deputies are monitoring the area daily and working hard to keep it open to the public for day use only.  If reports continue to show clear violations (large groups of people congregating, campfires circles, etc., Sheriff Jones has announced he will have no choice but to close the park.    An updated grading scale by UnaCast has placed the state of Washington at a C and downgraded Grant County to a grade F with Less than 55% Decrease in Non-Essential Visits and Less than 25% Decrease in Average Mobility (Based on Distance Traveled).

Grant County is now 2nd to last at the bottom of the list. That’s 38th place out of 39.

Other Central Washington counties received a grade letter D- or an F in practicing social distance.

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