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Grant Transit to reduce services in response to COVID-19 Pandemic

- Moses Lake, WA

Starting April, 6th the Grant County Transit Authority (GTA) will be reducing services in response to the growing number of COVID-19 cases in the state and county. Grant Transit will be reducing all of their DART, weekend, and Route 50 to Wenatchee services along with canceling local routes.

Cancel Routes

- Wenatchee Route 50

- Route Loop 12:00pm-1:00pm

Early Ending Routes

- Route 13 will end at 6:55pm

- Route 14 will end at 6:20pm

- Route 20 will end at 8:25pm

- Route 30 will end at 5:20pm

- Route 40 will end at 6:30pm

A full, revised schedule available via their website,, Grant Transit is also asking that trips on their buses to be only made for essential purposes only.

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